So young and precious, a gorgeous moment is captured. Willow Valentina sleeps peacefully. Her tiny brow furrows exquisitely as she dreams. Her perfectly formed features, serene in sleep, a map of emotion. Soft and warm she snuggles calmly, sleeping away the day. Each tiny hand gently curled over her knitted comforter, her headband framing her beautifully exquisite face.

Newborn Photographer, Epping Essex | Serene DreamsNewborn Photographer, Epping Essex | Serene Dreams

Not only does a photo shoot with your newborn record the serene dreamtime of your baby, it is the opportunity to create a timeless, classic image of your child to enjoy forever. In order to gain the best experience possible at Tiny Posers, I advise you to book your personal session in advance. This will also help to secure your place in the studio. When you book your appointment, we can discuss what kind of photographs you would like me to take before we actually head in to take them. This makes the shoot run much more smoothly as we will already have an idea of what kind of photographs you would like and you can make decisions about the props you would like to use during the shoot, rather than trying to decide on the day. I can also offer advice as to what to wear and answer any questions you may have in good time, so that you get the best out of your time in the studio setting. 

At Tiny Posers, I aim to capture unique and high quality photographs of you and your little ones in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Available in Essex and the surrounding areas including Chelmsford, Brentwood, Shenfield, Upminster, Loughton, Colchester, North London, South London and London, my studio is easy to find.

If you would like to book in your personal portrait session with Tiny Posers, visit my website for more details. I also run sessions for families and can offer maternity shoots too. Click the links to find out more about my family and newborn sessions.

A touching moment of a gorgeous embrace with Mummy is so precious, and one that should be treasured forever, long after your newborn has grown up. Encapsulated in a warm embrace and sleeping peacefully, Rudy is content in his Mummy’s arms. Curled up tightly, he is safe and warm, softly dreaming, while being intimately cradled in her loving cuddle. Booking a photoshoot with your newborn, creating gorgeous images means that you can hold the moment forever in a series of stunning photographs to hang up on the wall for all your friends and family to see – such a worthwhile investment!


Celebrating a new life with a photo shoot is a beautiful way of capturing the moment of an embrace. If you wait too long to book a newborn portrait session you might miss the opportunity to get a shoot when they are still very small! It is recommended that you book early; maybe even while you’re still pregnant as it then means we have more time to talk about the images you are looking for and how you would like us to photograph you and your baby. With these decisions made, the session will run more smoothly. Tiny Posers offers a range of different packages and deals for newborns as well as families and older children to ensure you create the right photographs. Click to find out more about the different shoots that we offer for maternity, newborns and families, and book your session now!

Tiny Posers Photography aims to capture both individual and original photographs of maternity, babies and children in and around the London and Essex area. After our photographic shoot, you can come back with me to the studio to choose the photos aim to create intimate photos to accompany your memories of such a precious time, both of which will last a lifetime.

Welcoming a newborn is an exciting time for parents – it’s exciting too for siblings, keen to meet their new brother or sister. All the questions they may have melt away when they meet the new member of the family – here, Esma is greeted with a loving kiss by her big sister, full of tender care for the newborn baby that’s arrived in the last few days! Celebrating the richness of your family is something I’m privileged to be able to do every day – whether it’s a brother or sister, involving your older children in the photo shoot of your newborn is a perfect opportunity to cement your bonds as a family.


At Tiny Posers, we love taking timeless images of newborns, babies and children, recording unique moments in your family history. The resulting photographs form the basis for beautiful works of art featuring the most important people in your life – your children. your partner – your family. We will invite you back to the studio after the photo shoot to view the images we have captured, and together select a portfolio of images to be transformed into stunning art for your home.

We offer a relaxed, yet well-organised environment for you to enjoy your photographic session. We work closely with all our families before the shoot to ensure everyone is comfortable with what will happen and that we understand the images you are looking for. We can advise on what you should wear, and discuss the props we have in the studio to help create very special images from the session.

Our photographic services extend to cover maternity photography, newborn and child photography and family photography. We offer a range of packages so you can be sure of the service that suits you best. Above all, choosing Tiny Posers is choosing timeless, unique images of your children, images to treasure forever.

As your baby grows, from a newborn to toddler, the special moments of his life come thick and fast – first teeth, crawling, walking. Taking time out to capture those special moments is worth it in so many ways – time to devote to your baby and your partner as you share in the creation of timeless images you will want to keep forever, art work focused on the most precious people in your life. Jacob’s winning smile shows off two beautiful new teeth – just too cute. He shows off his new skills, his evident development, as he can now sit up, balanced confidently on his feet – he’ll be walking in no time! The love his parents have for him is evident in the final shot – a lovely family!



Celebrating the special moments in your baby’s life with a photoshoot is a beautiful way of capturing the little things that you might miss. As your precious child grows and develops from newborn to toddler to teen, a wealth of tiny changes happen, sometimes every day there’s something new. Marking milestones such as a first birthday with an exclusive photoshoot is an opportunity to record your child’s journey to adulthood, a way of capturing those moments. We create a bespoke experience – from the first telephone call or email you send us to get in touch, we are here to ensure that you enjoy your photo session and take away beautiful photographs, works of art to treaure forever.

Whether you plan a series of photo shoots from newborn and throughout your child’s development, or would just like a one off photo session to record your child on a special occasion, we’re here to help you achieve your aim. We photograph newborns, babies, children and families in our Brentwood photographic studio – we also take high quality, beautiful maternity images celebrating your baby before you have even met him or her. Following the photoshoot, we will work with you to select the right images and turn these into desirable art work for your home. We are convenient for those in the London and Essex areas – why not get in touch to book your session today?

She dreams in black & white… peaceful, safe after her journey to be here, and the whole family can relax and enjoy her and the love they all share. Reena – just perfect, her first days in the world have a sense of otherworldly-ness as she bonds with her sister – such a peaceful image of the girls sharing precious moments of calm together. Photographing her in the arms of her parents represents the unbreakable bonds this family already shares. While Reena dreams, her parents pour their love into her, protecting her as she sleeps.


Black and white images have a timeless feel to them, perfect for capturing the magic that comes with a newborn baby. During photo shoots, I will often take a variety of images in black and white as well as colour which gives more choice when it comes to deciding which works of photographic art, which memories you will take home.

Choosing a Tiny Posers photography session means choosing a boutique experience for you, your newborn and your family. Recording your baby’s first days in the world is special, so why not do so in an environment where you can relax, concentrate on you and your family while I take the images that will create the pieces of photographic art that you will take home with you at the end of the process. We can record the growth of your family through maternity and beyond, with opportunities to return for photos of your newborn and as your baby grows into a child. If you don’t make it while your baby is still newborn, baby photographs are just as important, an heirloom investment to create something to remind you of those baby days, even as they grow up and become parents themselves…

The Tiny Posers Photographic Studio is conveniently based for those wanting classic photographs of their babies and children in London and Essex. To find out more, get in touch!

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