It is so good to be back at the studio. Beautiful Teddy was one my first babies that I’ve photographer after lockdown. There was so much love in the studio. ⁠
⁠Teddy is my ‘covid’ baby.⁠ Is in’t strange that all of a sudden ‘word’ that we never heard of not that long ago is being used daily. ⁠And you can spot it where you look. And me! I have covid waiting list, covid rescheduled list, covid orders, covid baby folder. Very creative I am 😀
⁠Saying that, I am super happy that finally we are slowly moving forward and I am able to capture the new, the pure, the never ending love.⁠

best newborn photographer Essex, Brentwood

You can give us a call to discuss what you’d like from a photo shoot here at the studio. I love working with families to create beautiful art together. Making sure you get exactly what you want is an important part of the consultation process. Close collaboration is the key. If you book a session, we’ll plan out what we’ll do and how to achieve the perfect look for you. That way, you can have more fun on the day and really enjoy the Tiny Posers experience. As well as creating mementoes of such a special time in your family’s lives.

At Tiny Posers, we specialize in taking timeless, high end photographs. We do photography sessions for newborns, babies, families and maternity shoots too! Available in the London and Essex area, including Chelmsford, Colchester, Brentwood, Shenfield, Upminster, Loughton, North London and South London.

HOW TO TAKE YOUR OWN NEWBORN PICTURES | Essex and London newborn photographer

How are you my beautiful friends? 

My studio has been shut down for over 4 weeks now, it feels like almost for ever. I terribly miss my clients and more importantly, I just feel that my purpose was taken away from me. Every week I am hoping for some kind of announcement, that will give me hope that all of this will end soon and I will be back photographing precious tiny humans. Capturing these most special moments for you gives me joy. I feel that I’ve let so many families down, but please don’t worry. I have photographed a lot of older newborns, it will all be fine and we will soon meet at my studio again. 

But for now… I have put together a little guide for you that will help you to take some pictures yourself with either a phone or a camera. Although it does not replace a professional photography session at Tiny Posers studio, it will help you capture your little babies as they are and will help you to create beautiful memories of when they were tiny and new. 

I have been teaching photographers how to photograph newborns for over 6 years now, but have never done it on ‘paper’. I will try to do my best, please email me and let me know how you are getting on 🙂

You will need:

  1. Baby 🙂
  2. A phone or a camera
  3. A window for the light (!)
  4. Simple white vest or onesie for your baby
  5. Simple, neutral, light colour clothing for you 
  6. A large stretchy (!) blanket or a duvet  – to use as a backdrop 
  7. Small swaddle blanket 

First, take a deep breath and relax. You are not a professional photographer, so don’t stress yourself trying to create what I do at the studio. The most important thing is to capture these memories so you could look back after they have faded away. 

Also, babies can sense stress! If you will stress, so will your baby. So let’s take one more deep breath my friend. 

Instructions for how to take your own newborn pictures. 

  • Light is very important, soft natural light is the best light for newborn or baby photography. Photograph your baby during the day time to get the most out of it. Choose a room with light or neutral colour walls. 
  • Get close to the window, but make sure that your light is indirect; if the sun is directly shining through the window move slightly further away from it until you’re in a nicely lit spot. 
  • You can use your bed, sofa, ottoman for your pictures. Either cover it with a white duvet or a stretchy soft, light colour blanket. You can also use your floor, just place a blanket or duvet on it.
  • Dress your baby in white onesie or swaddle him/her in a little blanket. Or you can try both! 
HOW TO TAKE YOUR OWN NEWBORN PICTURES at home, Essex and London newborn photographer.jpg
  • Position your newborn so the light is coming from the side (left or right) and softly falls over baby’s face, avoid photographing a baby with the light shining up the nose. 
  • When photographing from the top, position yourself above baby and try not to shoot ‘up their nose’. Yes, no light up the nose and no taking pictures up the nose!
  • Move around, try to find different angles, make sure you are not covering the light when you are doing so.
  • Make sure you are in the pictures, take turns photographing each other and set a timer for a family picture. 
HOW TO TAKE NEWBORN PICTURES at home, Essex and London newborn photographer
Newborn diy photography
Diy newborn baby pictures
  • If your camera allows, get in close. Don’t forget to photograph their fingers, toes, lips, eye lashes. 
  • Most importantly, make sure you print your images! There is not much use of them sitting on your phone or computer. 
newborn photography macro

Final tips:

  1. Keep baby safe, do not attempt complicated and odd poses or props. Simple images usually speak loudest.
  2. Babies like full bellies and warm rooms. Make sure your baby is not hungry or cold. 
  3. Clean your lens, especially if you will be taking pictures with your phone
  4. If you are photographing with your phone, tap to focus (on baby’s face) and to adjust the light
  5. Examine the light in your house the day before!

You might need to edit your images a little, to brighten them up or to change temperature – if baby looks too blue, you need to warm it up, if too yellow, cool it down. 

I hope this is helpful. Please email me and let me know how you are getting on, send me some pictures! You can also tag me (Tiny Posers) on Instagram. I can’t wait to see your images and to meet you all soon. 

Lots of love

Kristina xxx


With those chubby cheeks and adorable pout, this little beauty was an absolute star. A newborn baby portrait session is always fun. Posing a gorgeous, sleepy baby and getting to know besotted mums and dads, is an experience every portrait photographer cherishes. The photo of mum and baby is so sweet. An adorable jumble of arms and legs, it’s a hug that exudes motherly love.

Using quirky little props like tiny pillows, teddies and hammocks also adds so much to the photos. We have lots of carefully chosen props here at the studio. Or you can bring your own special blanket, outfit or toy to personalize your images. Adding a little something that means a lot to you, gives your photos a really unique feel.


At Tiny Posers, we help you create gorgeous images that capture life’s most special times. Whether you’re looking for maternity and family photo shoots, or portrait photography sessions for newborn babies and children, we’ve got a package to suit you. So, why not get in touch today to book your bespoke photo shoot? Our calm, comfortable studio is the perfect place to create beautiful art for your home and family.

Our portfolio gives you an idea of the unique Tiny Posers style. It’ll also show you some of the cute props and poses we can use. Once you’ve had a look, you can discuss what you want with me. It’s all about having fun and working together to produce something you’ll love. We want the studio experience to be as enjoyable as possible, so you get perfect, natural photos.

At Tiny Posers, portrait photographer Kristina Mack specializes in taking high-end, timeless photographs. We offer photography sessions for babies, newborns, families and pregnant mums. Available in the London and Essex area, including Colchester, Chelmsford, Harlow, Brentwood, Stansted, Upminster, Shenfield, Loughton, North London, South London, London and other areas.


This gorgeous newborn was a dream to photograph, as were mum and dad. The images really show how besotted these proud parents are of their beautiful new addition. There’s something so adorable about a sleepy newborn, all curled up and cradled in their parents’ arms. This precious bonding time in the first few months is so intense, but fleeting. It’s lovely to be able to record it for all the family to look back on.

It’s always nice to do a wide variety of shots and poses and try different lighting too. The family photos are so tender and sweet. And the monochrome photographs with a dark background have lots of impact. I really love collaborating with people to produce timeless pieces of art for their homes and families. I love to think of these images adorning people’s walls for years to come.


If you like the natural Tiny Posers style, why not treat yourself to a photo shoot here at the studio? We’d love to work with you! Just get in touch with me, Kristina Mack. We can have a chat about what you want and how the creative process works. For more inspiration before you book, why not follow the links to look at previous newborn, baby, maternity and family photography sessions?

The studio is a haven of calm and creativity, where you can feel at ease and capture life’s most special moments. Most of my photography sessions last around 1.5 hours. With a newborn baby, it can sometimes take longer. Everything depends on your little one’s comfort! It’s all flexible, so no-one feels rushed and everything is nice and relaxed.

At Tiny Posers, we specialize in timeless newborn, baby, family and maternity photography. Available in the London and Essex area, including Colchester, Chelmsford, Brentwood, Upminster, Shenfield, Loughton, North London, South London, London and other areas.


Cake smash photo shoots have become really popular in recent years. It’s probably because they not only produce fantastic images but are so much fun to do. This lovely family were an absolute treat to have in the studio. Their little one didn’t quite know what to do with a whole cake to themselves. Until they tasted the delicious icing, of course! This type of photography session is a really special way to mark an important milestone, like your baby’s first birthday. Now the family will always be able to look back on this precious time. As a photographer, I feel really lucky to be a part of such happy times in people’s lives.

If your little treasure is coming up to a special birthday, why not book your own Tiny Posers portrait session? You can do a similar cake smash photo shoot or something different. Whatever you prefer. Our photography studio is a calm, welcoming space where you can feel at ease and get creative. I love working with people to deliver the best images that really suit their family. It’s all about having fun, recording joyful times and giving you gorgeous photos to cherish!


Why not get in touch and book a professional photography session with Tiny Posers today? We offer a variety of package deals for newborns, babies and families. And we have maternity shoots for expectant mums too! We can’t wait to work with you and your family.

For inspiration, you can look through other photo shoots on the website. It’ll show you the Tiny Poser style and the kinds of props and poses we can use. You can even bring a teddy or blanket of your own if you want to add a uniquely personal touch.

Tiny Posers Photography specialises in natural, timeless maternity, newborn, baby, family and child photography. Available in London, Essex and the surrounding areas. This includes Chelmsford, Colchester, Brentwood, Shenfield, Upminster, Loughton, North London, South London, London and others.

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