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Exercising During Pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy can be something that many women worry about. Whether it’s safe for mum and baby is the main concern. But taking regular, moderate exercise can be really beneficial for both you and your baby. It can help your body prepare and adjust as your pregnancy develops, boost your mood, combat backaches and…

Pregnancy: a month by month guide

The way your baby develops during pregnancy is simply amazing! From a few tiny cells to a beautiful bouncing baby in just nine months – here’s a guide to how your baby changes and grows over forty wonderful weeks. Month 1 This is the time when the fertilised egg will implant itself into the spongy…


It’s certainly been a big year for gorgeous mum Kate. Not only did she welcome another beautiful bouncing baby into the world but her husband, footballer Harry Kane, spent the summer playing in the World Cup. Kate and her little one were a joy to have in the Tiny Posers studio for a maternity shoot….

5 Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Mums

Babies get plenty of gifts at the baby shower, and again when they’re born, but sometimes it’s nice to give something to the person who’s doing all the hard work of growing a baby – Mum! Here are our picks for 5 lovely baby shower gifts ideas for mums to be. Brilliant Baby Books As…


When your subjects are so beautiful, you’d think it would be easy to capture that on camera! It all looks so effortless when you look at the finished product but there’s a surprising amount of work that goes into making images like these. That’s why I decided to offer specialist maternity photography workshops here at…


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