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Babies in Waiting | Hypnobirthing

How do you feel about birth? Does it excite you? Does it frighten you? Would you like more control over how you give birth? Would you like to have a wonderful birth that you will look back fondly on forever? Janet teach expectant ladies and their birth partners, the tools and techniques of hypnobirthing during a…

Choosing the best baby name for your new arrival!

A new baby for William and Kate is very exciting. The royal family are always under scrutiny when it comes to choosing baby names. They seem to choose traditional, family names – George and Charlotte – especially for the children closest to the line of succession. This might make it easier for William and Kate…

Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

So you’re probably wondering if you’ll get stretch marks… Well, they can affect both men and women but are totally normal during pregnancy and absolutely nothing to worry about. 8 in every 10 women will get them at some point in their pregnancy so if they appear, I guarantee that you are not the only…

5 Free Pregnancy Apps

Pregnancy is the most wonderful time. The fact that you’re growing a tiny version of yourself inside your stomach for 9 months is absolutely crazy. However, there is much to learn, keep track of and prepare for while you’re waiting for your little one to arrive, so in the following article I have suggested 5…


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