Having whole families come into the Tiny Posers studio is an experience like no other. Little Remi Lee came into the Tiny Posers studio today with his big brother, his mummy and his daddy. I got the chance to photograph all of them with him and it was such a beautiful opportunity and an absolute pleasure to witness the bonds between the siblings and their parents. How gorgeous also to see just how much the two little ones are like their parents in physical appearance and mannerisms. What beautiful moments to capture in photographs and memories that will last forever.

FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER, SOUTH LONDON | RELAXED REMIFAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER, SOUTH LONDON | RELAXED REMIFAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER, SOUTH LONDON | RELAXED REMITiny Posers is a London and Essex based photography company that offers a wide range of package deals for newborns, children, families and maternity shoots if you are expecting a little one in the upcoming weeks or months. Click the links to see some examples of each of the different kinds of shoots that we offer. You might even find something that inspires you for when you and your loved ones come down to the studio, be it in the positioning of the shots, or maybe some of the props that were used. At Tiny Posers we think that communication is absolutely vital so if you book your family in for a session with us, get in touch as soon as possible. If you do, then we can discuss the logistics of the shoot, such as how you might want it to look or what props you might want to use, before you actually come on down to the studio. That way, when you actually arrive, we will be much better prepared. Hopefully, this will also make the shoot run much more smoothly and efficiently. Tiny Posers is available for sessions in and around the London area including locations such as Chelmsford, Colchester, Brentwood, Shenfield, Upminster, Loughton, North London, South London and more.