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New addition to the studio wardrobe

In 2018 one of my beautiful clients came for a newborn photography session with her newborn baby and an older brother. I always ask my clients if they have anything special that they’d like me to photograph, and usually the answer is no. This time mum said that she bought a very special blanket and she’d love to have pictures with it. Then she told me a story, about an old tradition in The Royal family, to swaddle their newborns in these blankets. And this is how I got introduced to G.H. Hurt and Son’s blankets. I knew these would add extra bit of luxury to the studio wardrobe.

Here is little T, photographed back in 2018.

It took me a few years to start using these blankets at Tiny Posers Studio. The blanket felt so soft and delicate, that I wasn’t sure if they can handle all the washing 🙂 But they can. Also what I love is that G.H. Hurt makes blankets from different fabrics, some a lot less delicate than others.

Best Newborn baby photographer uk essex

As a newborn photographer I am always striving to find the best quality props and blankets to incorporate into my photo shoots.  Over the past 14 years or so that I have been photographing newborns I have used a countless number of blankets of varying styles, designs, shades and indeed quality. 

When I discovered G.H. Hurt and Son’s range of shawls and blankets I was truly blown away not just by the quality and craftsmanship, but also by the variety of styles and textures. I am obsessed with textures, I believe that textures add that extra special feel to the images. The designs of the blankets are both unique and absolutely timeless, and if you know me, you know ‘timeless’ is my second name. I love the intricate details and patterns exquisitely woven into them and the hand finished edges are just ‘wow’. When I visited  G.H. Hurt and Son’s website to choose my blankets, my head was spinning and I wanted them all.

I did pick a few favourites though.

Cosy Cashmere Shawl

Soft Lacy Shawl

And, at this moment my very much favourite, Lacy Cotton Shawl.  

Constructed using the finest materials such as lace, cashmere and merino wool these blankets exude luxury and the dreamily soft fabric is perfect for baby to snuggle into. The blankets come in a beautiful range of colours, and whilst I generally prefer to use whites and lighter shades for my photo shoots, the pink and blue options available are absolutely adorable too.  

Back to the Royals, I guess you must be pretty special and exceptional to be chosen by the Royal family. G.R. Hurt and Son’s blankets get just about the greatest endorsement of all; the Royal seal of approval.  In a tradition starting over 70 years ago in 1948, when the Queen and her husband Prince Philip presented Prince Charles to the world, they wrapped him in a G.H. Hurt and Son’s blanket.  This was continued by Charles and Princess Diana who used G.H. Hurt and Son’s shawls for both Prince William and Prince Harry and once again for the third generation when William and his wife Kate Middleton used the same brand for their three children.

Based in Nottingham, with over 100 years’ history and experience manufacturing  luxury knitted clothing and accessories, this family owned and run business produces the finest blankets that I have had the pleasure to work with and whether you’re a photographer,  a parent, a grandparent or someone looking for that perfect gift for a family member or friend’s new arrival then I cannot recommend the G.H. Hurt and Son’s range of shawls and blankets highly enough. 

Perfect just as a special gift, or for a special occasion like a Christening, yet durable enough for everyday use at my newborn photography studio. As treasured heirlooms to be passed down through the generations or as a prop for newborn photographers to add that bit of luxury and extra to their images , G.H. Hurt blankets are perfect.

And if you are curious how little T looks now, here he is, so very handsome ❤️

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Lots of love

Kristina xx