Carlotta sleeps peacefully. Her late grandmother’s engagement ring circling her tiny fingers, her delicate frame curled up on her beautifully home-crafted blanket of her late grandmother’s clothes. Dreaming gently, her baby features seem calm and peaceful. It is almost like she is connected to Grandmother, curled up on her blanket and wearing her jewellery. How precious to see such a beautifully unique and intimate connection between the different generations. You can see how blissfully serene and calm she is all curled up on her hand-crafted blanket, with her grandmother’s whispers around her.


If you contact me at my newborn and family photography studio today, you can secure your very own session with Tiny Posers at a time that is convenient for you and your family. I offer a wide range of lots of different package deals for babies, children, families and even if you’re expecting your own little one very soon. The location is calming and safe and placed in an environment where I can take beautiful, tasteful photos of you and your loved ones. I offer a different deals for babies, for families and for mothers who are expecting and you can click here to see some examples of each. Message me today and get in touch early so that we can establish a communication network. The sooner you message me, the better. It will mean we can talk about how you want the actual session to run and the visuals of how you want your shoot to look. This will mean your session will hopefully run much more smoothly and we can get prepared before hand. I am available for shoots in and around the London and Essex area; Tiny Posers is convenient for people in Chelmsford, Colchester, Brentwood, Shenfield, Upminster, Loughton, North London and South London.