Thank you so much for wanting to learn from me. I want to EMPOWER you to provide a beautiful gallery to every client. I want to help you to build a thriving business. The life you always wanted. I want you to SUCCEED!

I truly believe that the beginning of a new life is a miracle. I feel privileged to document this journey for my clients; from the glow of an expectant mother to quiet miracle of a newborn. The photographs remain the only proof of faded memories. Let me teach you how to document it all for your clients.

I truly believe that the business part is just as important as taking beautiful pictures. I've been in business for more than 10 years and I have only been on an upward trajectory of earnings from year to year. Do I know it all? No, but running a successful  newborn photography studio and being an actual full-time working photographer and full time mum most definitely add to my ability to be able to teach other photographers in all stages of their journey.



Photographers’ questions answered:

I wanted to put FAQ  for photographers for quite some time now, because I am always getting emails from people asking the same sorts of questions.

What equipment do you use?

I shoot with Canon 5D IV. My favorite lens is the 50mm f1.2.

What mode do you shoot?

All manual and always RAW. I like to have a full control and to manipulate the light myself.

Do you use natural light?

I use natural light as much as possible, but living in England, some of our winter days can be very dark so I might use a giant soft box with continuous lighting then. I  have  worked quite a bit to try and make my studio lit images look as  similar as possible to my natural light images so that my clients would receive the same quality.

What software do you use and do you use actions?

I organize my images through Bridge and then open them in Adobe Camera RAW to make initial changes; however the final editing I do in Photoshop CC.

For me one of the most important  factors is to get it right  with the camera  in the first place , so I would have to spend as little time as possible editing images. I use channel mixer for black and white images and I have a colour action for my colour images.

How long you have been shooting?

I started taking photography seriously more than 10 years ago. After studying at Westminster University I was awarded a BA honours in Photographic Arts. This extended my knowledge in fine art photography and gave me the ability to see photography as an art form that will always push creative boundaries.

I have been specialising in newborn photography for a little more then seven years now.

Where do you get your props from?

My style is clean, simple and organic. I prefer not to  overuse   accessories.  The majority of my props are from All Newborn Props.

What inspires you?

My daughter and my son  inspire me. I find myself wanting to capture every moment of their precious  lives. I don’t  ever  want to forget a single detail. 🙂

Where is your studio?

I live in Brentwood, Essex and my studio space is a spare bedroom in my home. It is nice,  warm and  cosy .

Do you offer any workshops or mentoring?

Yes, I do offer one to one mentoring sessions. If you are interested in mentoring with me, please send an email to








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