Baby Mia is soft and safe curled up in the gentle hands of her parent, her tiny frame tucked into a ball as she slumbers gently. See her eyes, tightly shut while I whizzed around her with my camera lens taking these beautiful black and white images of her snoozing. The softness of the black and white in this image and the delicateness in which the gentle hands are holding her reinforce just how small and precious she is to those around her. How gorgeous she looks, curled up and sleeping calmly.

NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO, SOUTH LONDON | SOFT AND SAFENEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO, SOUTH LONDON | SOFT AND SAFETiny Posers is a photography studio that is located in the London and Essex area and specialises in taking beautiful, timeless images of you and the ones that you love in a calming and natural environment. At the studio, we offer a wide range of all sorts of different package deals to accommodate all sorts of families. I can do sessions with children and babies as well as families and can also offer shoots if you are still in maternity stages. If you click the links here you can see some examples of other photography sessions I have done in the past – you might find something that inspires you for when you come into the studio for your own session with me! In my opinion, communication is key between me as the photographer and you as the clients. If you message me before you come on down to the studio, we can discuss how you want the shoot to look and that means that when you actually get here, we will already be prepared so the shoot can run more quickly and efficiently. Tiny Posers is available in and around the London and Essex area including places such as Chelmsford, Colchester, Brentwood, Shenfield, Upminster, Loughton, North London, South London, London and others.