Can you see just how cute and cuddly newborn Caspian and his beautiful siblings are? Their tiny faces light up, their adorable smiles filling up the room with happiness. The bond that these siblings share is obviously one of a caring and kind nature. How precious it is to witness it, capturing it in photographs that they will be able to treasure forever. A Caspian cuddle seems to be just what these children need to brighten their day, and their emotions can be clearly seen on their faces. How lucky they are to have a newborn little brother in the family.


Book in and come down to the Tiny Posers photography studio today! We offer a wide range of package deals to suite everyone. Tiny Posers can do sessions with newborn babies, older childrenfamilies and also maternity shoots if you are still waiting for the next member of your growing family to arrive. Why not take a look at some examples of each of the kind of shoots that I have on offer? Once you and your family have booked yourselves in for a shoot at the Tiny Posers studio, it’s always best if you get in touch with me. If we discuss things beforehand, I’ll know how you want the shoot to look and what props you might want to use. Doing this before you actually arrive in the studio means we will be much better prepared and more organised when you are here. This will make the shoot run much more smoothly and efficiently and make the whole experience less stressful for everyone involved. So, get in touch today to make memories to treasure for a lifetime! Tiny Posers is available in and around the London and Essex area, including Chelmsford, Colchester, Brentwood, Shenfield, Upminster, Loughton, North London, South London and further.