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I've been in newborn photography business over 10 years. I grew my family and my business together. I always wanted both, a successful career doing what I love and to be a full time mum and be a big part of my kids life. It wasn't easy. I made mistakes, I felt, I stood up, learned and carried on. Every year my business is growing stronger and stronger and I want to help you to achieve the same.

Building your photography business alone is overwhelming and time consuming. Let me show you the path and hold your hand. 

Always wanted to do what you love and the freedom to goes along with it ? But you find it harder than you thought and are not making the money you want? 

I was there as well. It took me a lot of time and energy to build my business, I made mistakes, learned from them and moved forward. I am a full time mum and a full time business owner. And I don’t spend my night not retouching 🙂

Let me share my knowledge and my strategies with you.

If  YOU are ready to take YOUR business to the next level JOIN me for a 6 months  photography business building course. I know that you’ve done a LOT of workshops and courses in the past, but trust me, this is different. I never came across a course like this before.


This ISN’T a course where you will be  given a bunch of advice, lots and lots of info and left on your own. This is HANDS ON course. Not going at your own pace! Not a bunch of recorded lessons. You will be doing the work, you will be building your business. YOU WILL HAVE TO BE PRESENT.

You not only will learn the skills you need in your portrait photography business but you’ll also get support to make sure things get done and masterminding when you need help.


Email to book your place.

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Anyone and everyone who wants to run a successful portrait photography business. If you are lost in your journey, if you don’t know where to start, if you don’t know what you are doing right or wrong, if you feel that you are forever chasing your tail, if you feel that you do it all but it is still not working it IS for YOU.


What the course is about?  This is a business building course. We will focus on branding, business development, marketing, pricing, client management, business strategy and the most important part of the course is ACCOUNTABILITY and IMPLEMENTATION.

How long is the course? This is a 12 months course dived in two parts. I ask that when you join the photography business building course you commit for 6 months of the program. After 6 months you can decide if you want to carry on or if you have a clear vision of the path that is leading you forward and would like to carry on on your own.

How much is the course? The cost of the course is £180 a month for 6 months. Don’t forget that you will be committing for the 6 months. every month you will have 1-2 mentoring sessions and 2-3 accountability meetings.

What about the results? This is all about you and your goals. I designed this course to maximise your learning and for you to implement what you learned. That’s the whole point of building successful photography business course. If you show up, you will create and grow a fantastic business. I’m not just teaching you and giving you information, you’ll be getting support and will be accountable every step of the way.


Email to book your place.

Spaces are limited!



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