I hope you are having a lovely Mother’s Day!

Because the day you became a mother your life changed for ever. You got a new reason to live.

I remember very well (and I am sure you do as well) that very first second when my first born daughter was placed on my chest for that very first time. My life changed for ever and back then I I had no idea by how much.
I also remember my plan to be a perfect mother. How I will rock my life (and the world!) and how I will be hanging my winner’s flag on the summit of the mountain called MOTHERHOOD. But then there were sleepless nights and I thought if I can master them, then I will be back on track. But then it was teeting, sitting, crawling, weaning, walking, potty training and all the little things in between. When life got a bit easier, and I was almost waving my winners flag, my little boy was born. And I was back where I started plus terrible twos! It was challenging, but delightful and soooooooo(!) rewording.  I was still climbing my mountain with my winner’s flag held firm in my hand (or one of many of them, we all know how quickly we master multitasking and use all parts of our body’s to complete an impossible task), so many times it felt that I’m almost there, I am just a step or two away.
Now they are at school, my little girl is eight, she is in juniors! How did this happen? And when? By now I know that there is no such thing as a perfect motherhood, but I also know that THERE IS NO LOVE STRONGER THAN MOTHER’S LOVE. And I also know that we are all the winners. That there is no such thing as a mountain called Motherhood, there is a chain of mountains, some are easier to climb than other’s, but every single one of them is an amazing achievement. Every time I was near the top, I though this is it, I am there, I am done… But then I saw more hills ahead. Now I know, motherhood is not a destination, it is a journey. A very beautiful, extraordinary but not an easy journey. And I am loving every bit of it(most of the time). And my two little monkeys that are my faithful partners.
Without any doubt, I know that these two are the best thing that ever happened in my life. Moments with them are my holy grain…

I love them more than words can say. And I want to remember every bit of our journey; my phone is full of our ‘selfies’ 🙂  And I love them. And I also love looking at my kids. My son often asks ‘Mummy, why are you staring at me?’ and I  know I am, I often look at them and think how perfect they are (obviously with a lot of imperfections). I look at them and I see my heart.

I hope you had a lovely day today, and if it wasn’t all that lovely, we should all remember that it is part of our perfectly imperfect journey!

Lots of love

mothers day selfies