5 Free Pregnancy Apps

Pregnancy is the most wonderful time. The fact that you’re growing a tiny version of yourself inside your stomach for 9 months is absolutely crazy. However, there is much to learn, keep track of and prepare for while you’re waiting for your little one to arrive, so in the following article I have suggested 5 Free Pregnancy Apps to help you stay on top of everything.

Pregnancy Plus App


Pregnancy +

Want to see beautiful interactive images for every week of your pregnancy? Pregnancy + is an easy-to-use pregnancy app that is a brilliant way of tracking the growth of your little one.

With this app you can track your pregnancy weight, research baby names, log your visits to the doctor and much more. Pregnancy + also gives you a personal dashboard that contains all of the information you could possibly need about your baby.

Available on: Apple, Android and Microsoft.


Baby Bump Pregnancy App


Baby Bump Pregnancy

Baby Bump Pregnancy is the perfect way to keep track of everything that is happening to you and your unborn baby as the weeks of your pregnancy progress. Containing all sorts of exciting features such as daily information and images, a countdown, a contraction counter and even a kick counter. All of these features plus more can be found in this easy to use app. Why not give it a go?

Available on: Apple and Android.



Sprout Pregnancy App



Sprout has a perfectly user-friendly interface that can be used to track your pregnancy from the beginning all the way to the delivery of your little one. With content written by doctors and mothers-to-be, Sprout comes with an interactive pregnancy journal that you can use to track your doctors appointments and get daily updates on your body and your baby.

Available on: Apple and Android.



Cinemama Pregnancy App



If you’ve been watching the vlogs of Tom and Gi Fletcher, you may be familiar with the app Cinemama. Cinemama is an easy-to-use app that is a favourite with families all over the world. It allows you to put all of your bump photographs into a video montage that you can then share on your social media to show how you’ve grown throughout your pregnancy. It also gives you updates on you and your baby while you are pregnant, so you can track your baby’s size as he or she grows.

Available on: Apple and Android.



Full Term Pregnancy App


Full Term

And finally, Full Term is an essential app for the last weeks of your pregnancy. Full Term can be used to track and time your contractions as you head through the stages of your labour, giving you graphs to show you the progression of them as they develop over time. You can also see a full overview of all of your contractions if need be.

Available on: Apple and Android.



Do you use any of these apps? Do you use something different? One thing none of these apps does is to remind you to book in for your maternity or newborn baby photo session – which is where we can help! Intimate, timeless photos to last a lifetime, taken in my Essex photography studioget in touch to book your session!

However you track your pregnancy, good luck!