6 Tips for Making Baby’s First Christmas Extra Special

It only happens once, so you want you and your baby to have the best first Christmas ever! It’s such a lovely time for all the family when there’s a new baby to fuss over, but you don’t want the usual festive season stresses to get in the way of enjoying the day with your baby. So, here are a few tips for making your baby’s first Christmas extra special.

Tiny Posers 6 Tips for Making Baby’s First Christmas Extra Special

  1. Relax! If you can spend the day at home with your immediate family, all the better. But if the relatives want to see you on baby’s first Christmas (which is likely) try and get them to host the festivities. The last thing you need to be doing is catering for others when you want to spend time with your baby. Grandparents will often be more than happy to be the hosts if it means they get to spend time with their precious grandchild!
  2. Make your home sparkle. Go to town with the shiny baubles, tinsel and fairy lights. They’re absolutely fascinating to young babies (which also means they need to be kept well out of reach)! Watching your little one’s expression as he or she gazes at the Christmas decorations, especially musical ones, is always a joy.
  3. Dress for the occasion. Whether you usually like to dress up on the day, lounge around in your favourite pyjamas or even have a tradition of wearing terrible Christmas jumpers, get your baby in on the act too. There’s nothing like a mini-me to make the family photos more fun. There are plenty of festive baby outfits available in the shops at this time of year, so your tiny tot can look just right for the occasion.
  4. Create or buy a special decoration. Having a special decoration that you can hang on the tree every year is a lovely tradition to start on baby’s first Christmas. It could be something like a photo bauble, a homemade clay foot or handprint decoration, a personalised stocking or something that’s been passed down through the family. You could even add a different decoration every year as your baby grows.
  5. Give them a classic Christmas book. A copy of a classic Christmas tale is a lovely heirloom to give your new baby. As they get older, it can become part of a special tradition of settling down on Christmas Eve to read together. It’s a safe bet that no gift you buy your child will ever be as special as the memories you create when spending these treasured moments together.
  6. Capture the good times. Don’t forget to record all those special events during the day on camera! A video of your baby laughing at a new toy or a photo of them snoozing with grandad will take you instantly back to those good times every time you see it. You can also turn them into adorable photo gifts for friends and family.

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