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How do you feel about birth? Does it excite you? Does it frighten you? Would you like more control over how you give birth? Would you like to have a wonderful birth that you will look back fondly on forever?

Janet teach expectant ladies and their birth partners, the tools and techniques of hypnobirthing during a fully comprehensive antenatal course. She stumbled across hypnobirthing during her first pregnancy and despite initially being very skeptical, her husband and Janet have had two beautiful, calm births. She used to be petrified of giving birth! Janet has since left my corporate job in the City, joined Babies in Waiting and now teaches the Babies in Waiting unique Hypnobirthing course and also offer pregnancy relaxation sessions from her home in Blackmore, CM4. Private sessions in clients’ homes also available.

An image of Janet’s beautiful family is below, so are her detail. Please call or email her for more information.

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My Story:

If you are reading this and have a beautiful little baby growing inside, congratulations! And if you are reading this out of sheer interest, fantastic – welcome to Babies in Waiting!

My name is Janet and I was one of those that avidly watched that well known TV birthing show in horror (but would make sure I had the next one on record!). I asked all of my friends for their gory birth stories which I stored up in my brain, and knew that when and if I was lucky enough to be pregnant one day, I would quite simply ask the midwives to knock me out and wake me up with my baby when it was all over!

And then…I became pregnant, and I soon realised that I had to change my way of thinking. Being pregnant is an incredible miracle so why was I letting my fear of childbirth affect those precious months of me growing my baby? I luckily discovered Babies In Waiting, dragged (yes, dragged) my cynical husband along, and after session 1, we were hooked. Why? Because, hypnobirthing makes complete sense! We were able to eliminate all the fear and negativity I had about birth, focus on my body knowing what it was going to and could do, and look forward to a beautiful, calm and relaxed birth.

And we did – we now have two precious children! Each born beautifully using the hypnobirthing techniques I was taught by Jo and Emily, the founders of Babies in Waiting. No fear, no tension, no pain. My babies were both born naturally without pain relief, there was no need for stitches and I had a very quick recovery after each birth. And so far, my gorgeous toddler and gurgling new baby are calm and content tiddlywinks (maybe don’t ask me when they’re teenagers!)! I do put this down to the calm and tranquil way they came into the world. Both times were honestly wonderful experiences.


I am delighted to have joined the Babies in Waiting team because I truly believe that hypnobirthing can enable every woman and her birthing partner achieve a positive and wonderful birthing experience. I am proof that it works! Me, the girl that never ever envisaged that giving birth could be BRILLIANT!

The Babies in Waiting Hypnobirthing class is a fully comprehensive antenatal course which will enable you to prepare to enter mother and fatherhood confidently and with the best start; a lovely birth. I will teach you the tools and techniques of hypnobirthing (breathing, visualisations , relaxation and the hugely important role of your birthing partner) as well as the science of giving birth (physiology of the woman’s body and how it births), stages of labour, birth plans, signs of labour and post birth. Hypnobirthing encourages the birthing partner to take on an integral central role in the process of giving birth – this course will enable every birthing partner to feel confident, in control, knowledgeable and able to let his/her partner to focus on her body and bringing baby into the world beautifully.

Giving birth is a huge moment in your life; make it a beautiful memory for you, your birth partner and your baby!

Pregnancy Relaxation

This is an hour for you to unwind, focus on you and baby, listen to pregnancy relaxation scripts and connect with that special someone growing inside you. These take place at my home in a relaxed environment to ensure you switch off from your busy life and have some ‘me’ time. This is so important for you and baby!

I am happy to speak to you on the phone or email if you have any questions – all contact details to the right.

Janet x