Pregnancy: a month by month guide

The way your baby develops during pregnancy is simply amazing! From a few tiny cells to a beautiful bouncing baby in just nine months – here’s a guide to how your baby changes and grows over forty wonderful weeks.

Pregnancy: a month by month guide

Month 1

This is the time when the fertilised egg will implant itself into the spongy lining of the womb. Your baby might only be a ball of cells about the size of a grain of rice by the end of the first month, but its organs and the placenta are already starting to form.

Month 2

They may be tiny, but the beginnings of the baby’s face, limbs, digestive tract, bones and sensory organs start to develop around now. From a grain of rice, your baby will have grown to a few centimetres in length by the end of the second month.

Month 3

Amazing changes have taken place! Even though your baby is still only a few inches long, its body is fully formed and smaller features like fingernails, toenails and teeth are developing. Their reproductive organs will also start forming but not enough at this stage to be able to tell whether you’ll be having a boy or a girl!

Month 4

Even though your baby is still only about 15cm long, now is the time it really starts to get moving, though you might not feel it yet. The foetus can stretch and suck its thumb at this stage of development and its heartbeat can be heard. Features like eyebrows and hair are starting to grow too. You’ll also be able to find out (if you want to) what sex the baby is at this stage.

Month 5

You baby can weigh around a pound at this stage of your pregnancy and will have started its own sleep/wake cycle. It’s an exciting time as baby starts to really move about – you’ll probably be able to feel it twisting or kicking around in there! You’ll also notice your tummy getting more stretched as this is the time for a bit of a growth spurt!

Month 6

Your baby (and you) will continue to grow – the foetus will be about a foot long by now. All their facial features have developed, their skin is turning less translucent and their muscles are getting stronger, so prepare for a few hefty kicks now and again!

Month 7

By this point your baby will probably weight around 3 pounds and will be able to dream, cry and open their eyes. They can respond to light and sound too, as their hearing has fully developed. The lungs should be functioning during this stage, with the brain and nervous system developing quickly.

Month 8

The lungs and brain are still growing during this time, but your baby is almost fully formed. They develop body fat at this point in your pregnancy and might be finding a bit more cramped in there as they will now be around 20 inches long!

Month 9

The home stretch! You baby will have a fully-developed body and reflexes, ready for life in the outside world. The average baby weighs around 7 pounds by month 9 and should be getting itself into place for its arrival by dropping lower and turning its head down towards the birth canal.

Baby is born

And then they arrive! Your life will never be the same again, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s just incredible to think after only nine months of the most incredible changes in inside your body, you’ve created another little human.

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