Pregnancy and skin care

There are so many things happening to your body during pregnancy, it’s hardly surprising that you may notice some changes in your skin too. Stretch marks are probably the most well-known effect of pregnancy on skin, but many women experience things like breakouts and itching at times too. Whatever changes you may experience, there are some things you can do to look after your skin while you’re pregnant.

Pregnancy and skin care

Eat well and drink plenty

A healthy diet and drinking plenty of water are two of the best ways to keep your skin glowing and your baby growing! You’ll already be conscious of doing these things for the sake of your baby’s health, but they’ll also help keep your skin well-nourished, hydrated and in tip top shape.

Ditch the chemicals

Skin can become a bit more sensitive during pregnancy, so choosing more natural or organic products when it comes to creams and make up can lower the chances of skin irritation as well as helping to protect the health of your baby.

Slap on the suncream

Another sensitivity issue is with the sun. Being out in the fresh air and sunshine is great for your health (and that of your baby) but you might burn more easily, so up the suncream factor and find a pregnancy-friendly formula to coat yourself with before you go outside.


There are lots of lovely pregnancy-friendly lotions and potions out there to choose from. Keeping your skin well-moisturised with creams and oils will help it cope with all the expanding it has to do to accommodate baby! Using a good oil, especially around the tummy, bottom and thigh area could also help reduce stretch marks, so it’s worth doing.

Get moving

Our skin is at its best when we live a healthy lifestyle that includes plenty of exercise. Obviously, you need to be careful and take advice from your doctor or midwife where necessary to make sure the activities you’re doing are safe for you and your baby, but keeping fit is important for your overall health and glowing skin.

Chill out

We’ve probably all had a rash or spots that have appeared during stressful times in our lives. Staying relaxed can help keep your skin clear and spot-free, so make sure you find time out to pamper yourself and unwind.

Capture that glowing skin on camera

Despite some of the skin issues that can pop up now and again during pregnancy, there’s nothing as beautiful as the healthy glow radiating from a gorgeous mum to be. Whether it’s the excitement of having a baby, the changes taking place in your body or just the general contentment of being pregnant, it shines through in every photograph. If you’d like to capture you at your most radiant, contact us at the Tiny Posers studio to arrange a glamorous maternity photoshoot for you and your beautiful bump!

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