5 Things to Do When You Find Out You’re Pregnant

Finding out that you’re expecting a baby is one of the most exciting moments of your life, especially if you’ve struggled to conceive. At the Tiny Posers studio, we see lots of glowing mums to be when they come in for a maternity shoot and you can just feel their excitement. There’s so much to prepare for and think about when you know you’re going to have a baby, it can be hard to know what to do first. So, here are some of the first things to consider when you become pregnant.

5 Things to Do When You're Pregnant Tiny Posers Guide


  1. Get in touch with your GP. You need to make sure you have the best care for you and your baby from the very start. Your doctor will confirm your pregnancy with another test, calculate your due date and make sure you’re booked in for further necessary tests and scans in good time. They can also give you and your baby an initial health check and look at any health issues you may already have or medications you take to make sure they won’t affect your baby. Getting prompt antenatal care and the right advice from your GP and midwife are really important for giving you peace of mind and keeping you and your baby in good health.


  1. Take good care of yourself. You want to give your growing baby everything it needs to develop healthily, so thinking about your diet and lifestyle is important. Eating a varied diet, avoiding unsafe foods, exercising safely and taking time out to relax are all great ways to keep you and your baby in good shape. Supplements can be taken too, if you’re worried about your intake of vitamins and minerals, but always make sure they are suitable for pregnancy. Alcohol, smoking, caffeine and medications can be harmful to a growing foetus, so if you can avoid them, all the better – ask your doctor if you need help with this.


  1. Get information. There’s a lot happening to your body and so much to prepare for that it’s good to get as much information as possible about what lies ahead. Your GP and midwife will give you lots of advice but reading good pregnancy books and blogs, going to antenatal classes, joining local or online groups and talking to friends and family about pregnancy and parenting can be really helpful. Knowing more about what to expect and what to look out for will make you much more relaxed about your pregnancy, which is always a good thing for you and your baby.


  1. Make a list. Babies might not always stick to your well made plans but it’s handy to make them anyway! You can never make those plans too early. Making sure you’ve got important antenatal appointments on the calendar, packing your hospital bag, getting everything you need for when the baby is born and organising help from friends and family is a must. Of course, the most fun list to make is baby names!


  1. Record the special moments. Ok, so you might have the occasional off-day, especially if you have morning sickness, but being pregnant is a truly magical time. Feeling your baby grow and developing that deep maternal bond is an incredible feeling. Not only that, but you’re at your most gorgeous when pregnant! Taking regular snapshots of your bump or little videos of your baby moving in your tummy are great mementos. Or you could do something really special and be the star of your own professional maternity photo shoot here at the Tiny Posers studio. What better way to record that special time and you at your most beautiful?


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